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PYRA is a decentralized app barter credit utility token powering Terraverse - a pure P2P/B2B electronic trade system. The name "PYRA" derives from the concept of a capstone or pyramidion, which represents a structure's highest block or peak.  The barter credit methodology and the number of blocks in its construction are the driving forces behind PYRA's multi-chain token, which has a 0.01% SCIF (Smart Contract Interaction Fee in PYRA).  PYRA utilizes different blockchains for gas and has a total supply that is not pegged to any single digital asset, currency, technology, hard asset, real estate, resource, or state.

PYRA is a utility token that captures equity/value from exchanging goods or services, where fiat or cash is typically not involved (supported use case). It is a digital means of trade that leverages blockchain/distributed ledger technology and a process to collateralize tokens by individuals. This approach represents a true DeFi implementation, bridging modern systems with our oldest means of transacting.  PYRA's Barter Credit is derived and reaches consensus from a plurality of the cryptocurrency/digital asset market. The concept originated in October 2017 and became viable due to the explosion of digital asset creation. Like a pyramid, it takes many years and a lot of builders to complete the 14th step and place the pyramidion. PYRA at scale represents "Equityism."

PYRA is a NETA token (Non-Exchange Traded Asset). The smart contract does not have an API to report PYRA's numbers, and peers may choose their wallets. While a peer can attempt to list PYRA on a decentralized exchange (DEX), which is peer-to-peer, there is no pricing information reported for PYRA through API or value to swap with other tokens. Users can utilize the PYRA App to calculate the number of tokens to transfer and their Barter Power (USD).

PYRA's Ecosystem:  Facilitating Barter Exchange

PYRA aims to capture equity/value in the grey market, create a new tax base, and establish peer-to-peer supply chains. The PYRA token serves as a utility to store informal trade value for future barter exchange and is a distributed ledger for the PYRA Barter Exchange Network. The PYRA App provides all the necessary functions to email a detailed barter exchange receipt.

To start using PYRA, users are free to utilize the PYRA logo for their purposes, except for selling the image. They can display the logo or expressions such as "PYRA accepted" to indicate their acceptance of PYRA as a means of exchange.

Barter Credit Methodology 


PYRA's Barter Credit is derived from Coingecko's industry-leading API. It includes the current price of almost every available asset traded on exchanges, with "null" values, errors, and assets trading below a penny removed.  An average of the remaining values is then calculated, resulting in the Barter Credit assigned to a single PYRA token. Currently, the Barter Credit is equal to USD 1 for math and tax calculations, with any currency changes in the USA reflected on a one-to-one basis with PYRA for such purposes.

"On 12/22/22, I coded the Javascript to produce PYRA's Barter Credit and display it through  AI.  The same results from the same API link are obtained through this method. While you are welcome to use the Excel spreadsheet method and Sharepoint for your purposes, we do not currently host a sheet for viewing. Using Javascript is advantageous as it is instantaneous in the calculations, and there is no risk of downtime as with Excel due to power loss, computer malfunction, or loss of internet connection." - Damon  

The API utilizes pool data, is updated every five minutes, and covers almost every asset on exchanges. While there is no need for real-time data with PYRA, as it is not an exchange-traded asset, the API provides an accurate snapshot of the crypto space. The API also automatically adds or removes digital assets from the reporting exchanges. In the unlikely event of an API stoppage, there will be a freeze on the Barter Credit until all operations are fully functional.

Problems / Solutions


Centralization: Traditional financial systems are heavily centralized, with a few large institutions controlling most of the money and making important decisions that affect everyone else. This leads to inequality and inefficiencies.

Solution: PYRA is a decentralized ledger that operates on a public blockchain. This means that it is not controlled by any single entity, and all transactions are transparent and publicly verified.


Lack of Accessibility: Many people are excluded from the traditional financial system due to various factors such as lack of resources or identity documents, geographic location, or socio-economic status.

Solution: PYRA is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a compatible wallet. It can be transacted on multiple platforms, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Algorand.


Inflation and Devaluation: Government-issued currencies can be subject to inflation and devaluation, leading to a loss of value over time.

Solution: PYRA is not subject to inflation or devaluation. Its value is determined by a consensus mechanism based on the barter credit, which is calculated using a publicly available formula.


Manipulation: Some cryptocurrencies are subject to manipulation by large holders or exchanges, which can cause drastic fluctuations in value.

Solution: PYRA is designed to be whale-proof, meaning that no single entity can buy up or sell off large amounts of tokens to manipulate the market. Additionally, it cannot be wash traded, ensuring that all transactions are genuine and not artificially inflated.

Lack of Use Cases: Some cryptocurrencies have limited use cases, leading to speculation and volatility in the market.

Solution: PYRA is designed for use, not speculation. It can be used as a P2P token collateralization/backing methodology through a barter exchange, allowing users to do things without money. This opens up a wide range of use cases and potential applications for the token.


Overall, PYRA aims to provide a secure, reliable, decentralized alternative to traditional financial systems. It is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and can be used for various purposes, from simple transactions to complex financial instruments.

                                                        Core Values                                                              

  •  The Constitution, The Narrow Gate, Decentralization, Transparency, Integrity, Security,  Self Accountability, Efficiency, Autonomy

  •  ​Tokens are 100% owned by individuals post-transfer from the PYRA vaults.  Like your labor, PYRA is your property.   



Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering (KYC AML)


05/26/2021 The Treasury of the United States / FinCEN issued an official letter deeming Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC a Money Service Business or MSB with a distinction of Money Transmitter.  Search HERE by inserting the LLC's address: 9314 Horse Shoe Bend Rd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817


"My previous opinion that PYRA was not a cryptocurrency came from brokered barter exchanges for California and letters to the government that their ledgers should not be considered a cryptocurrency.  We do not cash or convert PYRA in any way and it is a barter credit utility for the barter network." - Damon


What does this mean?  You must provide your ID and other personal information to join the site and receive PYRA tokens.

1:  A photocopy of the front and back of your state-issued ID/Passport or Driver's license.

2:  A selfie with your ID close to your face.

3:  A utility or phone bill with your name and address, you may cover any information you do not want as part of KYC checks.

4:  The signup form is required to be an approved member of this website and all information must match.

Privacy:  Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC's customer database is not for sale, lease, or transmitted.  We operate under the Bank Secrecy Act.  We Shall Not Operate like a social media platform where customer information is traded and sold.  A third-party major provider provides database security and hosting.

03/15/2024:  Beware the Ides of March.  Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions (OFI) has determined that Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC is not conducting Money Service Business activities.  What does this mean?  Unless you are in a sanctioned territory, we will officially open to ALL PERSONS regardless of location.  KYC checks will still be taken to comply with the Treasury's determination as a Money Service Business.




PYRA Tokenomics:  Pre-Money, and an inverted trade standard.



The vault makes a sound and is owned by the sovereign people of the land.  


One trillion tokens, each assigned a Barter Credit.  PYRA is backed by an asset pool upon use.  (traded goods and time bank use within the network).


No Airdrops, discounts, or giveaways. 


The Transmitor and the Creator hold the unsold PYRA Tokens and SCIF in the PYRA vault wallets.  There is no team payout or ownership of PYRA outside the sole member LLC.  There is no rug to pull.


PYRA tokens will be released in 100 Billion token blocks in ascending Pricing:  The first 100 Billion tokens are $1.00  The second 100 Billion are $2.00 The third 100 Billion are $3.00, and so on until one trillion tokens have been distributed, ending at 10$.  Monthly membership shall reflect this pricing.

Fees/Anti-Spam/Depreciation:  A "sender" of  PYRA supplies gas.  The "receiver" supplies a .01% Smart Contract Interaction Fee or SCIF, calculated by:  The number of tokens X .0001 or, .01%. The SCIF is calculated in PYRA and migrates to the Creator/Transmitor and is reflected in the amount of PYRA received.  The SCIF is applied to every transaction from any platform including transfers to separate wallets within the same DApp.  The Algorand-based PYRA has no SCIF and is allocated for B2B barter exchange at

*Taxes:  When a peer RECEIVES goods or services for PYRA, count the fair market value of those goods or services as income for IRS tax purposes.  The peer that received PYRA tokens in the exchange has no tax burden in the network.  Use the PYRA App to email your receipts for record-keeping.  Track and download your PYRA transactions, portfolios, wallets, and tax forms @

*Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's - March 15th/Ides Of March.


PYRA is not a traditional cryptocurrency in nature, even in the crypto space, and is unlike any project in structure, it is backed or collateralized by the people who use it within the barter network.


Value storage rates for PYRA tokens should be @ "living wage" USD 1 for a human-to-human (Time Bank Use) interaction outside of business use:  Unpaid Social Media content, chores, favors, time, storytelling, artistic performances, evangelism, or any interaction deemed tokenized or "PYRized" by peers in agreement. 

PYRA on other blockchains:  Reliable public blockchains will host PYRA tokens.  As PYRA is migrated to other blockchains in 100 billion increments, their operation and pricing shall remain the same unless otherwise stated in this operating agreement.  PYRA will be stored and non-circulatory from the Ethereum-based supply and created by a smart contract on other blockchains.  This will allow peers much broader choice in how they access PYRA and may provide gas savings.  All token sale prices remain unchanged regardless of the use case.

WORST-CASE:  PYRA will never go to zero.  If there is an operating Ethereum or other blockchain and for some unforeseen reason a barter credit consensus cannot be reached through the global "index," all PYRA tokens in existence shall use a barter credit of 5000.  If this situation were to happen, it would be for reasons which would not allow for a normal life as we know it. 

   Alternate Use Cases 

(KYC at this website, the MSB, is required to participate in any PYRA-associated alternate use case linked below.  This ties your registered identity to other PYRA use cases as a one-time process.  Participation is not required )


PYRA Branch: Awaiting Regulatory Clarity.  


B2B Barter  -  The Algorand-based PYRA supply shall be used at a standard barter credit (BTC) of 5000 for each token and is on consignment with with their own KYC requirements.  There is a separate APP for

Mergers and Acquisitions  -  Utilize as an asset for acquiring corporations (Debt Bonds)  *DAmbassadors accept 15% bounties on all violations and their correction.  Core values will not align with all entities.

Asset-Backed Digital Asset  -  This may require registering an exemption on your tokens with the SEC.   

Corporate pre-built non-custodial utility - Easily move assets within an organization. (See

Donations  -  Donate PYRA to a good cause, with no tax burden on the receiver as a gift.

Fund Raising  - Through registered wallets and agreements, investors can assign any value they like to PYRA tokens for their purpose. (a mixture of several unsupported use cases)

I.O.U. Token  -  Lend peer-to-peer with an agreement to buy back PYRA tokens at barter credit value or whatever terms you choose. 

Write up a simple agreement and reference a transaction hash.  Reference the wallet addresses of the parties involved in the agreement.  The PYRA App can send your transaction records through e-mail.  This is a legally binding agreement.

International Barter Trade / Nation Building / Community Finance  -  The United States Government can authorize or purchase PYRA to donate to a cause:  Asset/cash back an amount of PYRA tokens for temporary economic relief.  The PYRA tokens eventually migrate to The PYRA Bank with use as sovereign systems are implemented and no US dollars are physically exchanged.  Countries could barter goods without an intermediary or shipments of physical goods and still have an account or credit for barter exchange.  All International laws apply, this goes without saying.  PYRA is tracked on a public blockchain's Main Net.

U.B.I. or Universal Basic Income  -  Utilized as a medium of exchange there are no inflationary penalties on a sovereign country as it is a utility that only generates taxes, especially when utilized as an informal peer-to-peer barter system outside of "white market" payment systems.  -  Peers can send a minimal token (.0001 PYRA) transfer from registered wallets to "up" and "down" wallets for line-by-line voting on issues and secure voting for candidates- At a minimum as a vote verification method to paper ballots and machines. (see QR code from Coinbase Super Bowl Ad 2022) 

Social Media Profile Tokenization  -  Social media content can be tokenized through PYRA.  Simply provide your public key in your profile -  For all of the content you don't get PAID for.

Custody Service  -  Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC shall not hold a peer's PYRA or private wallet keys/seed phrases for safekeeping. (

Video Game utility  -  In-game economics could reflect the real world.  Utilize your point system and payout in PYRA tokens.

Rewards / Incentives  -  Purchase an amount of PYRA tokens and hand them out like merits.  Have a prize for the token holders.

Exchange-Traded Asset  -  Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC shall not provide technical assistance in implementing PYRA's Barter Credit through API. We do not work with liquidity/cash providers and do not provide liquidity/cashing services.  :)

Stocks/Bonds  -  PYRA could represent legal value in corporations/trusts.  At we can supply your corporation with PYRA and verify transactions, which will require a membership, but you will have to register your wallets with the appropriate authorities.  PYRA between these registered accounts can be used at a valuation of the corporation's choosing.

The PYRA Seal and Symbolism

The PYRA seal is not associated with ancient institutions or external organizations.  The eye of providence symbolizes compassion rather than judgment, radiating a caring gaze. The inverted pyramidion represents balance, delicately poised at its apex, embodying balanced and feminine energy, symbolizing the birth of a fresh trade system. This emblem can be observed crowning the pyramid on the U.S. One Dollar Bill. The viewer should perceive the overall image as a striking contrast, simultaneously reinforcing and collaborating with existing financial systems.


 Thomson told Congress he chose a pyramid to symbolize strength and longevity, and the eye and motto above to "allude to the many signal interpositions of providence in favor [sic] of the American cause."  -  Charles Thomson, designer of the US 1$ bill.  

Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants, but debt is the money of slaves -

Norm Franz


  • API - The acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate.

  • Bank -  A mass of a particular substance.

  • Barter Agreement - a contract used to exchange goods or services in a trade.

  • BTC -  The acronym for "Barter Credit," which is the USD value that a single PYRA token will hold.

  • DApp - A decentralized app, or unhosted wallet that accesses the PYRA smart contract.

  • DAmbassador - A Decentralized Ambassador, voluntary agent, or PYRA holder.

  • DAmbassador Guild - A conglomerate of PYRA holders.

  • DExcommunication - The forfeiture of assets due to infractions within a DAmbassador Guild.

  • Equityism - A system of commerce in which the value of time, energy, goods, or services is stored in a digital asset at a specified rate in contrast to debt-based, mineral/asset-backed trade instruments.  The taxing mechanism is income as opposed to sales tax. 

  • Hold Harmless Agreement: - A clause in a contract that absolves one or both parties of legal liability for any injuries or damage suffered by the party signing the contract.

  • PYRA - The name of the barter network token.

  • PYRA  App - A custom calculator created to calculate and email barter exchange receipts with PYRA or any other cryptocurrency.

  • PYRAflow - A reference to liquid (being used and backed) PYRA tokens.

  • PYRAlogy - Financial theory and real-world use related jargon with PYRA.

  • PYRA Quarry - Assets not being utilized in the PYRA BTC calculation, such as null values, errors, and assets below one cent.

  • PYRA Vault - The blockchain wallet (Transmitor) that holds PYRA and SCIF.

  • PYRized -  P2P token collateralization/backing methodology (storing value in PYRA tokens) through a barter exchange.

  • Pyramidion - The highest block or peak of a structure.

  • Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC - The IRS taxing mechanism.

  • Terraverse - Our tangible world.

  • Transmitor - In FinCEN regulations, the original transmission.

  • Transaction Hash - A link to a PYRA transaction between wallets, which lists the amount of PYRA sent and received.  It can be used to reference records of ownership or agreements/contracts.


     Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC shall not buy back or convert PYRA tokens to fiat or VC.  Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC shares no common interest with its purchasers.  No ownership is granted in Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC with token purchases.  No ownership is claimed by Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC for goods or services bartered with PYRA tokens.  Pyramidion offers no goods or services for the token outside of the PYRA calculator.  Cryptocurrency and fiat used to purchase PYRA tokens belong to Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC as a purchase, not fundraising or investment. The project is developed and no manager, company, or centralized entity directs the development of the PYRA token project.  PYRA is sufficiently decentralized in operation, has a clear working product, and the PYRA token value is tied to utility and not the expectation of profit - token barter credit appreciation does not equate to profit.

Interacting with Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC, its websites, links (whether a third party or not), phone conversations, phone texting, chatbox texting, token control dashboard (PYRA Bank) interaction, financial transactions, or emails indicates your explicit agreement with the TERMS OF USE in our relationship.  Please read the TERMS OF USE/USER AGREEMENT.  Pyramidion believes in the crypto community's policy of "DO NO HARM," but Pyramidion shall not be held liable for people who do not share this community policy.  All appropriate legal action shall be carried out with any violation of this policy.  PYRA is a badge and token, wear it proudly on your phone.  We are citizens first, Decentralized Ambassadors, and cyber accountants in a new asset economy.


*Research barter exchange with the IRS:  150 transactions per year or less,  transactions for 1$ or less, or certain foreign and exempt individuals.  PYRA may be considered at face value outside of the United States, it was not built to operate as such and is a digital asset structured on American financial policies and regulations.  Apply your local laws for this unique asset.  Utilize a Barter Agreement or Hold Harmless Agreements if necessary. 

There is an Algorand-based PYRA supply allocated for B2B barter exchange.  It is an ISO 20022-compliant asset with a clawback feature for safeguarding the PYRA tokens and your business's integrity.  The Algorand-based supply shall be used at 5000 BTC per token.  A p2p ALGO-based PYRA supply is also being developed and will be used at the MSB's Barter Credit

Pyramidion utilized Blockchain Consilium to create/code and perform an international standards audit on the Ethereum Pyramidion Cryptocurrency (PYRA) smart contract. The audit is required of assets that are to be listed on exchanges.  The smart contract has no High, Medium, or Low vulnerabilities and was well worth the capital expended for a rock-solid, immutable, and trustworthy smart contract.

All Pyramidion Cryptocurrency smart contract coding is public/open source and MIT licensed.  


This whitepaper shall be considered Pyramidion Cryptocurrency LLC's legally binding operating agreement and prospectus and you may print it freely.  This asset was created in service of the United States of America (not the corporation) and is owned by the sovereign people of the land.


Creator/Concepts/Legal Structures/Webmaster/Artistic Direction/LIGHTpaper Author/Transmitor/Coffee/Bootstrapper - Damon D. Danner



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